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Why You Should Never Short the Stock Market

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

It's been going up for 100 years.

Thinking about shorting the market by buying puts or shorting indices?

Think Again.

To introduce myself again, my name is Shaggad and I'm the CEO of SmartOptions® AI, an options alerts service that is powered by artificial intelligence. I've been trading options for 3 years profitably and have seen many different things. But one thing is always the same.

Prices go up as time goes on.

You need to realize, the stock market has been trending up for the last 100 years. The growth rate is insane. On average, stocks are up 9% every year.

That is incredible growth. Not many places on earth can you get that type of growth consistently, every year.

When you bet against the market, you're betting that this 100 year old uptrend will finally stop up trending. Do you really think it will stop going up for you?

What should I do?

Instead of using your capital to short the market, it's more beneficial for you to capture that 9% return per year by being long.

If you really want to leverage the fact that stocks go up 9% year over year, you can leverage your returns even further by using Options, a contract betting on the future price of something.

At we help you trade options profitably by staying long in stock options. We capture the value of the market and get higher returns by trading options.

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." -TONY ROBBINS

Your life is filled with decisions, the right ones will drastically improve your life.

Options are a very volatile trading instrument

Trading options is one way many people have gotten rich with skyrocketing stock prices. Getting 100-1000% returns is very normal for stock options.

These type of returns are becoming more and more normal as the U.S Federal Reserve pumps $2.92 trillion into the financial system.

Millions of dollars are being poured into options as billions of dollars in profits is being made by savvy options traders.

Our SmartOptions® artificial intelligence alerts us to big moves in options.

If someone puts in $10 Million into an options contract expiring in 7-14 days, they know something! We get alerted to big moves like these in real-time and are able to profit by riding the coat tails of big whales.

Shorts Lose More Money Than Longs

If you are shorting the market, you are shooting yourself in the foot. The market in general goes up 85% of the time. It is much easier to long and hold through the dips than timing the top and getting crushed when the dip reverses before you can exit your shorts.


It's much easier to make money by being long than short. Prices go up over time. Capture the 9% return per year in the stock market instead of betting against a 100 year uptrend. The best part is, we can help you capture this return and become a successful options trader.

Follow the Money & Trade Options with Our SmartOptions® Artificial Intelligence.

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