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How Options Traders will be Making Easy Millions in 2024

Updated: Jan 31

Over $2.92 Trillion was printed by the U.S Federal Reserve, thanks Jerome Powell!

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Three weeks ago, I made $125k from an $18k investment in Tesla call options, over 691% return on investment!

You might think this is not normal, and you'd be right.

But this year, returns like mine are easily possible.

With the hyper-parabolic rise in the Stock Market, options traders are making out like bandits with billions of dollars of profits being made in call options in the last 4 months alone.

Thanks to the U.S Federal Reserve, stock market investors can sleep soundly at night.

Long term stock market bulls were shoved cash down their throats by the U.S Federal Reserve, and they enjoyed every bit of it. I also profited handsomely from the corona market dip. Thank you Jerome Powell (chairman of U.S Fed).

S&P 500 went from $2,237 to $3,500 during a pandemic, a 56% rise.

Why are the markets going up so much so fast?

Central Bankers around the world had to react to the coronavirus pandemic and they had to react fast.

The pandemic was something no one could have predicted.

The bankers knew they had to do something to keep the financial markets afloat, the markets that have a huge grasp over day to day human life on Earth.

Their solution? Print money, $2.92 trillion within 3 months, pump it into the financial system and give to the people.

It worked!

The Stock Market soared to all time highs in record time.

Call options traders like me made a huge sum of money.

Hedge funds, financial institutions, huge investors made more money than they ever have, during one of the worst virus outbreak in recent human history.

If you bought calls during the dip in March til present, you are now very very happy.

How the Whales Made Billions in Options

Smart money was buying the March 2020 crash on its way down.

The whales knew market crashes are a buying opportunity. They went in big and were rewarded heavily for it.

They added to their call options while prices were super cheap.

They did not short the market on the way down, they waited to buy in big!

Buying call options contracts expiring in 3 months or less would have easily printed them 100-1000% return on their money.

The Lessons Learned

What can we learn from this recent increase in price?

For one, Central Bankers will do anything to keep prices going up over time.

It's always good to be a long term bull in the stock market, after all, its been going up 9% year over year for the last 100 years.

If you trade options, you can leverage that 9% increase every year even further and get 5-10 times more return on investment.


The coronavirus of 2020 created one of the biggest opportunities in the stock market in recent history.

Options traders who rode the wave up were rewarded like no other.

You are better off trying to capture that 9% per year increase in stock prices than trying to fight the market.

At SmartOptions®, our A.I screens options trades in real time from all the options exchanges and alerts us to big options trades right away.

If someone puts $10M into an options contract expiring in 14 days. they know something. We want in on that! Now, you can too!

Follow the Money & Trade Options with Our SmartOptions® Artificial Intelligence.

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