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How You Can Make $1M in the Options Market

Updated: May 18, 2021

And no this is not clickbait. Read on..

(Jacob & Co $1M retail Astronomia Tourbillon Watch)

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Shaggad, I'm the CEO of SmartOptions® A.I, an options alerts service powered by artificial intelligence. I've been trading options 3 years profitably and have seen many things throughout the volatile years. I want to teach you guys how people are making millions from nothing in the stock market, trading options.

What are options?

Options are a contract you can buy online that gives you the right to buy something at an agreed price, at a future date. The way money is made, is by getting the contracts at a cheaper price than the value of the "something" you get when you activate the contracts at the agreed upon date (exercising them).

You may have heard of people making millions right now in the market, it's not uncommon anymore.

Thanks to the U.S Federal Reserve, $2.92 trillion was pumped in to financial system since March 4, 2020 til now, September 2020. People are richer than ever.

This caused prices of everything you might buy to go up, including food, services, transportation, stocks, ect. People who held call options (betting prices will go up) got rich thanks to the Fed.

The U.S government then gave out $600 a week in unemployment checks combined with a $1,200 stimulus check to everyone. This on TOP of another $80 billion of a $360 billion small business loan fund to small businesses who needed it. Prices skyrocketed.

In all my 3 years trading options, this was one of the most volatile and lucrative years. You might imagine this price action might be an anomaly, but actually it's not.

The S&P500 (Top 500 U.S stocks) is and has been going up 9% year over year for the last 100 years! That's amazingly awesome. There's no other words that can describe how amazing an opportunity that is for regular citizens like you and me. While your savings go up by a measly 0.001% every year, the SP500 is going up 9%. If you invest $100,000 in the stocks you'd make $9,000, and if you keep your money in, it compounds!

Neat right? That's pretty good, but we can do better. If you trade options, you can make almost 9X that! Options are very volatile, they can move 100-1000% in just 1 day! Those are crazy numbers. But it is those numbers that are making people rich everyday in options.

At, our a.i is alerted to huge inflows in options. If someone puts in $10M in an options contract expiring in 7 days, they know something! Our A.I alerts us to moves like these and we're able to profit by riding the coat tails of these huge whales.

Some of our returns from a closed SmartOptions® Trade Alert are in the realm of 30-45% in 21 trading days! A couple of those trades and you can easily make $1M in profit trading options.

We are able to use the fact that the market goes up 9% every year to our advantage by by buying options for future price points of stocks. We make money when the stock goes up. And in general, stocks go up 85% of the time!

Where can I buy Options?

You can buy Options at any trading brokerage. Schwab, Etrade, Robinhood are to name a few. Some platforms even offer free options trading!

If you are interested in making millions with us, you can join our SmartOptions® service and be notified of when to buy and when to sell to make a profit! We give 1 profitable entry price, 3 take profit prices, and 1 stop loss price in our Options alerts.


So how do people buy $1M watches? Investing in stocks and trading Options!

You can profit from increasing prices by trading options too.

Follow the Money & Trade Options with Our SmartOptions® Artificial Intelligence.

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